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Terms and Conditions

This page was last updated in June 2020

I assume good faith in you as a guest who handles my property in a responsible and mature manner. In the event of any calamities, I expect that we will work it out together. If this is not possible, we handle the terms in this agreement.


The holiday home at Oudelandsestraat 43 in Tholen is owned and managed by Marlita Provily. If I am not there, I can be replaced by another host or hostess. You will always receive information about how you can pass on questions or reports, whether or not by telephone, app or email. These general terms and conditions apply to you, as a guest of holiday accommodation “Tiny House Tholen” at Oudelandsestraat 43, 4691 Bj in Tholen, and will take effect when your reservation is confirmed.

Content of the agreement

For recreational purposes and business accommodation, not for permanent residence, I make the holiday home available for an agreed  The prices are stated on the website www.tinyhousetholen.nl. Changes to this are possible under the conditions as described in the section “Cancellation” of these general conditions. The house is basically intended for a comfortable overnight stay with 2 people.


After receiving your request, I will send you a written confirmation by E-mail. If the confirmation is correct, please return it for approval. Your reservation is now final. For changes to this reservation, I refer to the terms and conditions that are part of this agreement.

Changes to the rented

I undertake to provide you with substantial changes to the information provided, on the website and on the basis of which this agreement is concluded, in advance. If this is not the case, you have the right to cancel the agreement at no cost.


You have an obligation to comply with this agreement and the related information and to ensure that fellow guest (s) and / or third parties who visit you and / or stay with you comply with the agreement and related information.

Duration and expiry of agreement

This agreement ends by operation of law after the expiry of the agreed rental period without notice being required.

Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival you are welcome from 3 pm. You do not have to report an actual arrival because you can access the key at any time via a key box. You get via WhatsApp or E-mail. sent a code and can check in after 3 pm at the most convenient time for you.

On the day of departure you must leave the house by 11.00 am at the latest. You place the key in the box or give it back to me or my replacement and report that you have left. This can also be done via WhatsApp or E-mail. If you have other wishes regarding your departure or leaving luggage, please contact me. I will always look for a suitable solution for you.

The property is accessible 24 hours a day and has a private entrance.


The price is agreed on the basis of the current rates that can be found on the website. If, after the agreed price has been determined, extra costs or extra charges arise that relate directly to the holiday accommodation (think of VAT increases, for example), these can be passed on to you.


You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. The rent and all other costs must be paid before you can access the house and therefore receive a key.


Cancellation is free of charge when up to 30 days before the scheduled check-in date. Costs for cancellations < 30 days from the scheduled check-in date are described below. If you still have questions about this subject, please contact me.   

1. From 15 to 30 days before check-in: 50% refund of the agreed price;

2. From 7 to 14 before check-in: 20% refund of the agreed price;

3. From 1 to 6 days before check-in: 0% refund of the agreed price.


You can arrange bike rental yourself with the local entrepreneur.

Extra service

If you have additional wishes, I request that you notify me 10 days before your arrival. We can then see together what I can do for you. Please note that costs for extra service cannot be canceled. If a specific situation arises, we can always find a suitable solution in consultation.

Transfer of your booking

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are not able to make the booked trip to “Tiny House Tholen”, cancellation is not always necessary. What many people don't know is that you have the right to transfer the booking to someone else. So you can try to find someone who wants to buy the trip from YOU. I will then transfer the booking to this person at your request. For this transaction I bring a minimum amount for additional administration costs ad. € 15, =.


Use by third parties

Use of the holiday accommodation is only allowed by the guests mentioned in the booking. If you would like to invite friends or colleagues for a visit, you must request permission. I think it is important to know who is on my site. Preconditions can be imposed on this permission, which I will establish in writing in advance.

If you want to let someone stay overnight, you must need to have permission. We charge € 30 for extra costs without the use of extra towels and bed linen. With the use of towel and bed linen you have to pay € 45.= extra.


Early departure

In the event of an emergency in the personal or business sphere on your part, which makes you feel compelled to leave prematurely, you will always owe the full price of the agreed rental period unless you can invoke the cancellation conditions. See the applicable conditions above.

Although I will always strive for good solutions together with my guests, it is possible that interim termination or eviction is inevitable on my part. This can only take place in the event of an attributable shortcoming and / or an unlawful act in the broadest sense of the word that is determined by me and that is formulated in the following:  

When can the agreement be canceled with immediate effect?


  • If the guests deliberately destroy the interior or the holiday home itself or on the grounds;
  • In the event of theft or attempted theft in one of the buildings on the Oudelandsestraat 43 site in Tholen;
  • If guests do not or do not properly comply with the obligations stated in this agreement, the associated information or the regulations, despite prior verbal or written warning. And to such an extent that the agreement cannot be continued according to reasonable standards;
  • If, despite prior verbal or written warning, guests cause nuisance or disturb the good atmosphere on or in the immediate vicinity of the site, such that unrest occurs;
  • If guests, despite prior verbal or written warning, use the holiday residence differently than for which it is intended;

After immediate cancellation, the guest must ensure that the holiday accommodation is vacated within 2 hours and he/she has left the premises.

Responsibilities and Liability

All guests are responsible for maintaining the holiday home in good condition and using it within reasonable limits. To this end I give a lot of freedom so that our guests can fully enjoy the peace and space. I therefore place great confidence in your sense of responsibility.

I trust that you will immediately report any damage and missing items on or to the holiday home. Reimbursement takes place in consultation and on the basis of new value.

I can in no way be liable for an accident, theft or damage on your part caused in the holiday accommodation or on the site, unless a shortcoming on my part is clearly attributable. It is sensible to take out insurance for your stay that does offer cover for this type of emergency.

All risks related to the holiday accommodation are for your account. In case of disputes, all (legal) costs are for your account.

I am not liable for the consequences of extreme weather influences or other forms of force majeure.

I am not liable for failures in utilities or internet connections. However, I will do everything possible to prevent malfunctions.

Dutch law applies to all disputes related to the agreement. Only the Disputes Committee or a Dutch court is authorized to take cognizance of these disputes.